Adelaide Air Systems provides industrial air compressors to the Adelaide market.

Industrial Air Compressor SalesIndustrial Compressor Sales Adelaide

We pride ourselves in supplying compressors which have long service intervals, thereby reducing the operating costs for our customers, and ensuring they have received value for their investment.   As well as ensuring long service intervals the industrial air compressors we sell must also be reliable, so that Adelaide Air Systems retains its image of only supplying quality industrial compressors to the marketplace.   

Top Quality Industrial Air Compressor Brands

Our main brands of industrial air compressors for quality and reliability are; Boge compressors, and SCR compressors, which can all be classed as industrial air compressor.  The range of rotary screw industrial compressors  start at 2.2 kilowatts and goes up to 200 kilowatts.  These industrial compressors are procurable thru Adelaide Air Systems in South Australia.

Service Maintenance and Repairs of Industrial Air Compressors

As well as being a supplier of quality industrial air compressors we do have the facilities and experience to provide service and repairs to most types of Industrial air compressors for the Adelaide metropolitan and regional market.  We also pride ourselves in being able to supply and install most types of air pipe and fittings from PE 100 poly ethylene to 316 stainless steel which can handle the worst environments and can be used for many applications other than compressed air.    

Customer Service and Affordable Pricing – Industrial Air Compressors Adelaide

We at Adelaide Air Systems also believe that in addition to being reliable, industrial air compressors must also be affordable and as efficient as possible, in an economy where power costs are becoming a critical portion of the cost of producing the end product for our customers market.  

Industrial Air compressors are like most equipment that is purchased to provide a support role in manufacturing.  They are there to produce compressed air for whatever use is required, from operating pneumatic cylinders, to ensuring robots are able to function as designed. 

The best of the industrial compressors are the ones that are never talked about by the customer except when the service company rings to advise a service is due.