Air Compressor Servicing & Repairs

Adelaide-Air-Systems-Leakage-DetectionIt is not uncommon to reduce costs by increasing the intervals between compressor services but at Adelaide Air systems we believe that the minimum service interval should be 2000 hours or annually.  We have found that shorter intervals except in exceptional circumstances do little more than fill the service provider’s pockets with your money.  

Cost Effective Air Compressor Servicing by Adelaide Air Systems

It is not Adelaide Air Systems intention to do anything other than provide you with the most cost effective service you require for your air compressor Leakage-detection-1and air system needs.  Our objective is to ensure your air system provides you with the air you require when you require it cost effectively.

Most compressor manufacturers provide manuals with the compressors and the service schedules they recommend are normally in the service section of their manuals.

Adelaide Air believes it is sensible to adhere to the service requirements that the manufacturer suggest to prevent needless breakdowns and costly repairs.

Basic Air Compressor Service Adelaide

The basic service on rotary screw compressors include the replacement of the air filter and oil filter along with a general inspection of the various electrical and mechanical components which tend to wear or loosen off due to operational vibrations. The replacement of the lubricant is totally dependent on what is being used; so it is not uncommon for the lubricant to last several thousand hours beyond any one service interval.

Adelaide Air Systems would point out that increased pressure drop across the inlet filter and increased differential across the separator elements has a direct effect on increasing the cost of operating any rotary screw compressor. This should prompt you to service your compressor as recommended by the manufacturer so as to ensure preventable costs.

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